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Welcome dear students and respected Parents/Guardian!

Global Management Foundation (GMF) is a brainchild of a leading edge leadership and management thinking founded in 2062 (2005 AD). Since its initiation, the foundation is passionately engaged in providing trustworthy and quality advice to students seeking socio-economic and educational future in overseas.
The GMF family puts personal relationship above economic priority, as we believe, healthy relationship can earn economic advantage, and a little more. Hence, we ensure our students are guided with moral, ethics and values in the process of pursuing their future career and prospects in overseas. Besides, to achieve success in this time of cybernetics, one has to be ethically and morally sound along with hard work and determination. At GMF, we ensure that your path to overseas education is ensured with sure that your path to success in abroad education is as smooth as possible.
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Study Abroad

Success in the age of competition is not an easy task. It is often a hard fought achievement obtained through a vigorous commitment and determination. 

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Test Preparation

The above given NAT( Nihongo Achievement Test), JLPT( Japanese laguage Proficiency Test), TOP J and J Test are the test of Proficiency of Japanese language.
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Language Classes

Japanese Language , Korean Language, English Languagage  Training by professional trainers...../
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Message From Managing Director

message from director

Education is like a small candle that is visible from a distance even in the wildest of dark nights. However, one has to maintain the ethics and values of education and be committed before desiring to reap its fruit. With the GMF, I would like to assure you that the fruit of education is delivered through right hands in right place. We bring you the best of educational opportunities to make your dream come true.

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Thank you for your kind counsellation
Anil shrestha
i am very thankful to Global Management Foundation.Global Management Foundation very professional counseling center for us. It gives us the right counseling and best Japanese language training. I have got the visa to study in Japan with the support of GMF.Thank you Global Management.
Pravash Khatiwada
I am very happy with Global Management Foundation. Now i am studyin in Sendai Edcuational Academy, Sendai, Japan.I Passed my +2 level in 2005. Then i stopped my study. I had 8 years gap but with the help of Global Managmenet team, i have been able to receive the visa. The language training team is highly strong and profesional. I am so happy with Global Management Foundation and its services.
Pravas Khatiwada
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